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Check out our new and improved expanded selection of craft beers!

Angry Orchard Unfiltered Crisp Apple Cider (Walden, NY) $6/pint $18/growler
An ode to traditional cider making, boasting plentiful fresh apple flavor and a pleasant, silky mouthfeel. 6%ABV
Frog Alley Mohop IPA (Schenectady, NY) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
A classic New England style IPA featuring Mosaic hops, refreshing aromas of mango, citrus and pine. Slightly floral and not too bitter in the finish. 6.8% ABV
Paradox Beaver Bite I.P.A. (Schroon Lake, NY) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
American I.P.A. with plenty of hop punch from Amarillo and Centennials, nicely backed by a touch of Horizon, which provide a strong yet smooth finish. 6.5%ABV
Goose Island Next Coast IPA (Chicago, IL) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
Piney hop flavors meet a tropical bouquet of Citra and Mosaic hops with a nicely balanced bitterness. 7% ABV
Awestruck Ginger-Hibiscus Hard Cider (Sydney, NY) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
Crisp and not too sweet, made with local NY State apples and kissed with a touch of floral hibiscus and fresh ginger flavor. 6.8% ABV
 Saranac Always Hazy Peach I.P.A. (Lake George, NY) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
Quenches thirst with a soft and juicy peach flavor and a refreshing blend of Citra Mosaic, and Centennial hops. 6% ABV
Frog Alley Charley Brown (Schenectady, NY) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
Smooth American Brown Ale with a blend of North American and British malts and a pleasant toasty flavor. 5.6%ABV
Chatham Brewing Co. Blood Orange Gose (Chatham, NY) $6/pint $18/growler
German-style fruited wheat brew. Citrusy, and refreshing, with just the right amount of tartness. 4.5% ABV
Frog Alley Vienna Lager (Schenectady, NY) $6/pint $18.50/growler
Amber Lager, smooth and malty, with a moderate bitterness. Drinks clean, with slightly yeasty and toasty notes. 5.5% ABV
Old Klaverack Brewing Co. Summer Ale (Hudson, NY) $6/pint $18/growler
Hazy and juicy, with a smooth bitterness, backed by a pleasant aromatic citrus flavor. 5.5% ABV
Chatham Brewing Co. Farmer’s Daughter (Chatham, NY) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
Fresh, with a touch of spice, this I.P.A. is brewed with locally grown Columbia County Rye. 5.7% ABV
Chatham Brewing Co. Raspberry Wheat (Chatham, NY) $6/pint $18/growler
Super-refreshing and pleasantly fruity Wheat Ale with a touch of bitterness from the Hallertau hops.
Mill House Brewing Co. Kold One Kolsch (Poughkeepsie, NY) $6/pint $18/growler
This classic Kolsch has a crisp Noble hop finish and a smooth Vienna malt Pilsner base. 4.2% ABV
Druthers “All In” IPA (Troy, NY) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
Hoppy American-style IPA dominated by Citra and Amarillo hop flavors. Finishes bitter with a nice balance provided by German Vienna malts. 6.5% ABV
Stella Artois (Belgium) $6/pint $18/growler
First brewed in Belgium in 1926, this Pilsner is light, crisp, refreshing, and slightly bitter. A true classic! 5.2% ABV
Chatham Brewing Co. Blueberry-Lemon Kolsch (Chatham, NY) $6/pint $18/growler
Hello summer! This light, crisp brew drinks clean and super-refreshing with tart lemon and fresh blueberry flavors. 5%ABV
Golden Road Mango Cart (Los Angeles, CA) $6pint $18/growler
Tons of fresh mango flavor sets the stage for superb summer refreshment! 4.2%ABV
Blue Moon Belgian White (Denver, CO) $6/pint $18/growler
One of the new classics, this Belgian-style wheat brew is made with Valencia orange peel for a bright and citrussy flavor. Also incorporated are other citrus flavors and notes of coriander and spice. Always a true crowd-pleaser! 5.2% ABV
Old Klaverack Brewery Inisfree Irish Red (Hudson, NY) $6/pint $18/growler
Traditional Red Ale with a with a smooth malty finish. 5.5% ABV
A.D.K. Bear Naked Ale (Lake George, NY) $6/pint $18/growler
American Amber Ale, medium bodied with a touch of rich fermented fruit. 5.2%ABV
Brown’s Cherry Razz (Troy, NY) $6.50/pint $19.50/growler
Fruit and Field brew, amber in color, with big cherry and fresh raspberry flavor. 6.5% ABV
 New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Amber Ale (Fort Collins, CO) $6/pint $18/growler
Classic and extremely drinkable, this Belgian-style Amber Ale is flavorful and balanced, with a fresh, herbal hop profile and a touch of fruity yeast. 5.2% ABV
Budweiser $4/pint   $12/growler      Mich Ultra  –  Coors Light $4.50/pint $13.50/growler
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