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Check out our new and improved expanded selection of craft beers!

Awestruck Ginger Hibiscus Cider $5.00/pint
Brewed in Sydney, NY, this cider is small-batch produced from Hudson Valley apples. Dry and effervescent, with a slightly fruity flavor and notes of ginger and hibiscus flower. 6.8% ABV
Paradox Beaver Bite I.P.A. $5.00/pint
Brewed in Schroon Lake, Adirondack Mountains, NY, this I.P.A. has one of a kind flavor! Brewed with a perfectly balanced blend of American and English hops, this ale has notes of pine and citrus for a distinctly “Adirondack” flavor. 6.5% ABV
Yonkers Brewing Vienna Lager $4.50/pint
Featuring a fresh, full bodied malt profile, this brew boasts toasty, lightly roasted grain flavors and a subdued hop profile. A refreshing counter to all the heavily hopped beers out there these days!. 5.3% ABV
New Belgium Fat Tire Ale $4.50/pint
A Belgian style amber ale with hints of English floral hops, a subtle malt sweetness, and spicy, fruity notes. Smooth and drinkable with a rare blend of balance and complexity! 5.2% ABV
Shock Top Belgian White $4.50/pint
One of the pioneers of the Belgian-Style unfiltered wheat beer movement! This delicious and refreshing brew is lightly spiced with notes of coriander and orange. 5.2% ABV
Mill House Brewing Kold One Kolsch $4.50/pint
Locally brewed in Poughkeepsie, Hudson Valley, NY, this award winning take on a classic Kolsch quenches the thirst with a clean, hoppy finish. With Pilsner base malt, added depth from Vienna malt, and a hint of pear, this is the perfect summer brew!. 4.6% ABV
C.H. Evans Kick-Ass Brown $4.50/pint
Small batch brewed at the Albany Pump Station, this award winning American-style brown ale has a distinctive brown color, a pleasant, smooth maltiness, and medium body. 5.6% ABV
Adirondack Bear Naked Ale $4.50/pint
Small batch brewed in Lake George, NY, this medium-bodied Amber Ale drinks crisp and clean, thanks to its high proportion of Munich Malt and top-fermenting ale yeast. Pours brilliantly copper in color, with a toasty and slightly fruity backbone. 5.2% ABV
Ommegang Rosetta $5.50/pint
Small batch brewed in Cooperstown, NY, this traditional Belgian-style Kriek is aged on cherries for a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. Pours mahogany-brown and drinks smooth and easy! 5.6% ABV
Druthers All In IPA $5/pint
Brewed in Saratoga Springs, this IPA has hints of pine and an earthy hop aroma with a hint of citrus and a bit of biscuitty malt flavor! 6.5% ABV
Old Klaverack Brewing Spookrock I.P.A. $5.00/pint
Small batch brewed in Columbia County, NY, this Northeastern-style I.P.A. is hazy and juicy, with an explosion of tropical fruit. This refreshing brew is more geared towards hop flavor and aroma, with not as much bitterness as a traditional I.P.A.. 6.2% ABV!
Sam Adams Octoberfest $4.50/pint
A malt lover’s dream, masterfully blending four roasts of barley for a perfect harmony of sweet and savory flavors…a fall classic!5.3% ABV
Stella Artois $4.50/pint
A classic Belgian pilsner, Stella is the #1 Belgian beer in the world. Its flavor is pleasantly bitter and hoppy, with a refreshing, crisp finish and pale golden hue. 5.2% ABV
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