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Check out our new and improved expanded selection of craft beers!

Awestruck Ginger Hibiscus Cider (Sydney, NY) $6.50/pint
Dry and effervescent, with a slightly fruity flavor. 6.8% ABV
Empire Brewing Slo-Mo’ I.P.A. (Syracuse, NY) $6.50/pint
American I.P.A. brewed with a blend of Falconer’s Flight and Mosaic hops for a bright, tropical flavor with a crisp, dry finish. 6.5% ABV
Chatham Brewing Scotch Ale (Chatham, NY) $5.50/pint
Traditional Scotch Ale, pours dark brown and drinks with an aroma of dark fruit and a hint of smoke in the finish. 5.5% ABV
Galaxy Brewing Co. Clouded Perceptions I.P.A. (Binghamton, NY) $6.50/pint
Indigenous to the Northeast, this juicy, fruity I.P.A. offers plenty of citrus tang mellowed out by a generous amount of mosaic hop flavor and aroma. 7.9% ABV
Blue Moon Belgian White (Denver, CO) $5.50/pint
Belgian-style wheat, with hints of coriander and orange. 5.4% ABV
Mill House Brewing Kold One Kolsch (Poughkeepsie,NY) $5.50/pint
An award winning take on a classic Kolsch…crisp, clean, and hoppy. 4.6% ABV
Chatham Brewing Co. Schlam Dunkel (Chatham, NY) $5.5o/pint
Welcome fall with this Munich Dunkel, brewed in the traditional German style. Smooth and malt-forward, rounded out by plentiful spice notes. 5.5% ABV
Adirondack Bear Naked Ale (Lake George, NY) $5.50/pint
Medium-bodied Amber Ale, copper in color, crisp, clean and toasty, with a slightly fruity backbone. 5.2% ABV
Sam Adams Octoberfest (Boston, MA) $5.50/pint
Synonymous with fall, this classic German-style Marzen is pleasantly smooth and malty, with subtle spice notes. 5.3% ABV
Old Klaverack Brewery Barnwood Brown (Claverack, NY) $6/pint
Our flagship Brown Ale, small-batch brewed in Claverack, Columbia County , NY. Deep brown, slightly toasty and nutty, with an extrordinarily smooth finish. 6% ABV
Old Klaverack Brewing Spookrock I.P.A. (Claverack, NY) $6/pint
Northeastern-style I.P.A. with citrus notes and refined hop presence. 6.2% ABV
Oscar Blues Death By Coconut Porter  (Lyons, CO) $6.50/pint
Approachable Irish-style Porter, with bittersweet chocolate and raw coconut flavors…dessert in a pint! 6.5% ABV
Stella Artois (Belgium) $5.50/pint
A Belgian Pilsner, pleasantly bitter with a refreshing, crisp finish. 5.2% ABV
Mill House Oktoberfest (Poughkeepsie, NY) $5.50/pint
Amber Marzen with caramel malt aromas and plentiful spice notes! 5.4% ABV
Hudson Brewing Co. Widow’s Walk I.P.A. (Hudson, NY) $6.50/pint
American I.P.A., flavorful, aromatic, and slightly bitter, with a good amount of citrus flavor. 6.6% ABV
C.H. Evans Belgian Wit (Albany, NY) $5.50/pint
A traditional Belgian-style wheat brew, with subtle notes of banana and clove. 5% ABV
Goose Island I.P.A. (Chicago, IL) $6/pint
A hop-lover’s dream…fruity aroma, dry malt middle, and a long hop finish. 6% ABV
Blue Point Mother Pumpkin Ale (Patchogue, NY) $5.50/pint
This roasty Ale pours golden-orange with deep pumpkin flavor and hints of traditional pumpkin pie spice! 5.5% ABV
Bull & Barrel Country Bumpkin Pumpkin (Brewster, NY) $5.50/pint
A hint of pumpkin flavor and plentiful amounts of cinnamon, allspice, ginger and clove make this brew a fall favorite. 5.8% ABV
Browns Oatmeal Stout (Troy, NY) $5.50/pint
English-style Stout with slight chocolate and dark fruit flavors. 5.3%ABV
Sloop Brewing Co. Juice Bomb (Elizaville, NY) $6.50/pint
Golden I.P.A. with a n explosion of citrus flavor balanced out nicely with a touch of bitterness. 6.5% ABV
 New Belgium Fat Tire Ale (Fort Collins, CO) $5.50/pint
This easy-drinking Amber Ale is slightly sweet, with a light stone-fruit flavor (peaches, apricots) and a pleasant hoppiness. 5.2% ABV
Coors Light – Budweiser – Mich Ultra – Bud Light $4.50/pint
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